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How to attract a guy

Are you the only one in your circle of friends who
doesn’t have a boyfriend yet? Isn’t it frustrating that, while all of them are watching a movie, eating out or cuddling up at the park with their sweethearts, you stay
at home during weekends watching TV? Perhaps you are eyeing a guy, and deeply wondering what exactly he’s looking for in a girlfriend. And you also
wonder if what he wants is what you got.What if I tell you that attracting a boyfriend is not that difficult a feat after all? No, it doesn’t involve having a
trip to an occult shop and purchasing books of spells, jingly charms and magical potions. You really don’t have to buy anything at all or change major stuff about
yourself. Well, maybe you might need a few tweaking, especially if you’ve been buried beneath layers of self-doubting for quite some time now.

Cheer up and continue reading until the end of this article. It’s really that simple to attract a boyfriend. And, if you will meticulously consider everything revealed here, in
no time you might bump into your friends – with your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around you!The Magic of Believing in Yourself

Having self-confidence is an important ingredient in snatching a boyfriend. Perhaps you are familiar with some girls who really don’t look drop-dead
gorgeous, but guys can’t seem to get their eyes – and hands – off them. Well, blame their self-confidence.

A guy simply can’t resist a girl who is very
secure of herself. If you don’t believe in yourself and spend most of your time at the back of the classroom, corner of the canteen or in your bedroom, then never
assume that a guy will be attracted to you in the least.

Focusing on Your Best Features

One way of feeling good about yourself
is making sure you are looking good on the outside. Sit down and think of your best physical features. Ask yourself: “what can I do to highlight my best features
so that my not-so-best features will be less noticeable?”

However, this is not to suggest you have to put on inch-thick makeup or dress up like a
slut to attract a boyfriend. You will only put off guys, and not make their heads turn. Keep yourself neat at all times. Know which type of clothes suit well the body
type you got. Never forget that there’s beauty in simplicity.

Send Away a Few Subtle Signs

There are many reasons why a guy
would not approach a girl. Maybe he thought she’s already seeing someone, or maybe he thought she’s not at all interested with him. If you want a guy to be your
boyfriend, let him know you’re free to be asked out and you are interested in him.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean you say it directly to his face. Why not
give him some subtle signs? Smile at him once in while. Give him brief eye contacts from across the room. Flip your hair while he’s looking at you. Or maybe
even playfully wink at him from time to time.

Ladies First – to Ask for a Date

It’s understandable if you cringe at the idea of
taking the initiative in asking him out. Most girls are generally shy to make the first move anyway. However, what if the guy you want to attract has been dying to
ask you out all this time – but is too shy to ask

Most guys get instantly attracted to girls who make the first move. Now, are you still just going to sit there
and wait for things to happen when you yourself can make things happen?

Staying True to Yourself

Last but definitely not the
least, if you really want to attract a boyfriend, just be who you are. Never change one bit about yourself out of desperation.

One way or another, someone
will like you for who you are – and not who you pretend to be. Nothing turns off a guy more than a girl who flaunts made up interests, lifestyle and personality.
Besides, even when you succeed in attracting a boyfriend for being a fake girl, he’s bound to find out soon anyway.

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